Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mental Conflict Game Released

Just released today to the Android market is my first game app Mental Conflict.  Available in a free( ad supported) version and a paid (ad free) version.

This app is based on the Stroop test were the player is asked to identify the color of  a written color name. The game board is setup to resemble the popular Simon game.

The game features  three levels with 4,6 and 9 colors and a second match mode were you match the color name instead of the color of the name.  After you get good at playing mental conflict one way you can reverse it and try to do it backwards.  It also features 2 timed modes and a challenge mode.  The game is scored based on click speed so the faster you click the correct color the more points you score but click the wrong button and your game is over.

< Get Mental Conflict Here >

See a full description of this app and my other apps on the I2app On the Android Market.