Sunday, November 3, 2013

EZ Metronome

EZ Metronome- Is an easy to use metronome with a strong and steady beat.  Some  of the great features of this metronome are real time beat sub-division with one touch.  Sub-Divide beat into Quarter notes, Eighth notes , Sixteenth notes and triplets.  Combine triplets with Eighth notes and Sixteenth notes to get poly-rhythm.   Easy push button operation.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

EZ Tuner for Guitar

Now available from I2app.  Ez-Tuner for Guitar free and pro-version 
 Pro-version Description
EZ Tuner for Guitar is an easy to use tuner that provides reference pitches for tuning your guitar. Use the reference pitch to adjust and tune guitar by ear. Standard tuning plus Many alternate tunings to choose from.
Pro Features
-- Standard Tuning
-- 27 Alternate tunings
-- Loop button so String is plucked repeatedly as you work through tuning.
-- Loud clear reference pitch with adjustable volume
-- Visual indicator of current string
-- click on the button or touch visual string to tune
-- Ad Free

Pro Version Tunings are
- Standard - Drop D
- 1/2 Step Down - 1 Step Down
- 1 1/2 Step Down - Drop D 2
- Drop C - Drop C#
- Drop B - Drop A#
- Drop A - Open D
- Open Dm - Open G
- Open Gm - Open C
- Open C# - Open Cm
- Open E7 - Open Em7
- Open G7 - Open Am
- Open Am7 - Open E
- Open A - C
- C# - B Flat

Free version is Ad Supported and has Standard Tuning and 9 Additional tunings.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mental Conflict Game Released

Just released today to the Android market is my first game app Mental Conflict.  Available in a free( ad supported) version and a paid (ad free) version.

This app is based on the Stroop test were the player is asked to identify the color of  a written color name. The game board is setup to resemble the popular Simon game.

The game features  three levels with 4,6 and 9 colors and a second match mode were you match the color name instead of the color of the name.  After you get good at playing mental conflict one way you can reverse it and try to do it backwards.  It also features 2 timed modes and a challenge mode.  The game is scored based on click speed so the faster you click the correct color the more points you score but click the wrong button and your game is over.

< Get Mental Conflict Here >

See a full description of this app and my other apps on the I2app On the Android Market.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chromatic Pitch

Chromatic Pitch Pipe Pro and Free version on Android market.

Chromatic Pitch Pipe is a digital one octave chromatic pitch pipe. Ideal for use with acapella groups, barbershop quartets, as a digital tuner or whenever a pitch reference is needed .


Free Version Features - 

- Standard pitch pipe functionality
- automatic major and minor triad settings
- Ability to use pitch pipe with the ringer turned off.


Additional Pro version Features-

- Selectable Chromatic Wheel (C5 to C6 and F5 to F6)
- Selectable Voices (Piano and Reed Organ)
- Selectable Wheel color (Red, Black or Blue)
- Settable Note duration
- Hide Splash Screen

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